Consumer Watch: Don't post these things on Facebook

An Oklahoma social media expert walks Fox 25 Consumer Watch through the top five things you shouldn't post on social media (KOKH).

Bad social media habits can be more than just annoying, posting the wrong stuff could cost you big in real life. Being a little too open on social media can cost you your job, and even post you at risk of identity theft.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are how many of us share our lives. Patrick Allmond is a social media expert, and he says these are the five things people do that make him worry.

1. Posting your real birthday.

“Identity theft is rampant online, so as soon as somebody has a real birthday on there, I’m like, why don't you change that,” says Allmond.

2. Posting your real address and phone number.

Depending on your security settings this may be visible even if you have a private profile.

“I don't have to be connected to them. I can just go to the public side of their profile and see that kind of information right there, so that is always something else that kind of concerns me,” says Allmond.

3. Posting vacation pictures while you are still on vacation.

This screams: Hey, I’m not home, and could make you the target of burglars. Instead try posting the pictures once you are back home.

4. Posting pictures showing friends or family if you haven't gotten their ok.

You may want people to know what you're up to, but that's not the case for everyone. Be sure you tell people when you are about to take a picture, and if you'll be posting it on social media.

5. You must know about this one, but we are going to repeat it a million times: Posting about the drama.

“Please do not post your drama online. I am sorry if you are having a bad break-up or if you don't like your employer. Often times it is even politics and religion,” says Allmond.

Posting too much negativity could eventually affect your personal relationships, and could also cost you a job if you are bashing your current employer.

Being a part of social media is fun, but also carries its risks. With these five tips, you could lower the potential of creating costly problems in your life.

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