Consumer Watch: Business owners renting desk space instead of offices

Money saving and community building tactics from new business owners.

Many businesses rent office spaces, but for some start-ups, that is not financially possible. Cue co-working environments. Whether you want to pay for a day or month to month, co-working is the new way the business savvy are doing work.

We are talking about paying for desk space, a shared office, or your own private suite. Co-working environments are a new business that are helping other business grow in the Oklahoma City metro.

Renting office space in one of the trendiest parts of town could cost you as much as a mortgage, but The Barn in the Plaza District is making things accessible. For business owners and even remote workers, co-working spaces work around membership fees. At The Barn, some desk space can cost 20 bucks for the day or 200 dollars for the month.

"Personally, I am way more productive when I am working in an office space. A lot of business owners say that when they are home, they get distracted with cooking or they do their laundry," says Anna Wickham, a digital marketing professional and co-working advocate.

Wickham has tried out several co-working spaces in Oklahoma City, and has found her groove at The Barn.

"I now rent an office space, upstairs is where the offices are at The Barn, so I have a private office, but for the first year I was here, I worked at this table, co-working," says Wickham.

She owns her own business, and runs it alone, so she says the options are to work by herself, or do her job with the added benefit of community.

"Co-working is a lot more than just working in a space with someone else, and that is what I think a lot of people are just now coming to realize in Oklahoma City. It is also about a community and collaboration," says Wickham.

Oklahoma City is a community full of entrepreneurs, and that's allowed the handful of co-working spaces to flourish as a new kind of business in the metro. For many people just starting their own thing, this is a way to get out of the house, and away from the coffee shop. Places here like The Barn, Common Wealth Collective, or Star Space 46, have more flexibility than a standard lease and require less money.

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