Consumer Watch: Budget gardening tips

There are some financial expectations to starting a new garden in your home (KOKH).

Gardening can be a soothing and expensive hobby, but it doesn't have to be. We all have our own idea about what it means to have a beautiful garden, and whether you are looking for something like colorful flowers or something more low maintenance like succulents, there is definitely a price point for you. However, if you don't have a green thumb, it can be intimidating to try adding plants or flowers.

“Get an idea of what is going to work because that is where the cost can really add up, it's putting plants in that maybe won't work for the situation,” says Kristy Rutland, Green House Manager at TLC Gardening.

Do expect some possible failures no matter your level of experience because certain plants can be finicky, but talking to staff at gardening centers could point you in a better direction even if you are just looking for a house plant.

“There are certain ones like snake plant is a good one, Chinese evergreen is a good one for indoors, there are various different palm trees. Again, get to know your setting. Figure out what direction your windows face,” says Rutland.

Some pro tips include:

  • Figuring out where the sun hits your house, and at what time of day. This will help you figure out what type of plant will work best.
  • How much outdoor space you are trying to fill and where it is located in relation to the sun.
  • If you have bought a plant., for a successful transfer, press on the plastic container, and gently pull the plant out. Be sure to loosen the roots at the bottom so they have an easier time in the ground.
  • Avoid one of the most common mistakes, overwatering.

Reports specializing on gardening place the average cost of starting a small garden at about $400.00 and a larger project could run into the thousands of dollars, so to figure out how to best garden on your budget, start small.

Even with all of these money saving tactics, professionals tell us that gardening is very much an experiment, and things can go wrong, so, don't get discouraged.

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