Consumer Watch: Bringing your laggy iPhone back to life


The battery prices for older iPhones have dropped from 80 dollars to 30 dollars. Apple has announced a new feature that will soon let Apple users know about the health of their battery. If you have been dealing with battery problems for a while, there could be other issues you can expect, but there are solutions.

The cost of a new phone is so expensive that people are wanting to hold on to their existing phones longer. That means you're noticing what happens to a phone after you've had it for more than two years.

The reality is that it becomes slower and has a shorter battery life.

“What essentially happens is that a battery has a service life -- and that service life is generally, for a hard user, maybe it is only a year. For a normal user it may be two years,” says Brandon Boozer, chief problem solver with Batteries + Bulbs.

Some old and overused batteries in smartphones can begin to bubble and become deformed. Old and deformed batteries can also cause a touch screen to stop working.

Apple lowered the price of their batteries earlier in January, so now the switch will cost about 30 bucks. If you need to fix the screen as well, you're looking at about 100 bucks. This cost is still cheaper than a new phone, but experts warn against the fix it yourself approach.

“If they do, they are more likely to mess things up then they are to fix them -- we strongly suggest they come to a trained service facility,” says Boozer.

Both Apple and Android smart phones are harder to open, so you can mess up the appearance of the phone. Employees at Batteries + Bulbs working on cellphones also wear bands on their arm to makes sure they are grounded. If you shock any part of your phone, it will likely ruin it.

Pricing should be about the same everywhere, but if you shop around, you could benefit in how fast you get the phone back. Batteries + Bulbs says their wait times are under an hour.

If the battery became inflated, it is possible that it caused other types of damage to the phone, and those repairs could be more costly.

Here is a link to Batteries + Bulbs for users to check repair options.

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