Consumer Watch: Best sales in September

Who doesn't love a good deal? If you been saving your dollars for a big purchase, September might just be your month. From necessities to treats, here are some of the historically discounted items this month.

Labor day means there will be a lot of discounts on just about any kind of product. If you are looking for clothes this weekend would be the time to buy. You'll likely see sales into Monday, since that the official holiday.

For people back in college- Maybe you've put off buying some of those pricey textbook, but time is running out. Before you buy them brand spanking new make sure you check this first:

-Search for used copies.

-Check with librarians about a copy you can check out.

- If you're really tight on money, split the cost and share the book with a classmate.

This next one is from Consumer Reports. Lawn mowers usually on sale this time of year. It's the tail end of summer, so you can come out winning. Be sure to ask about any major sales early in the month, so you don't miss out. Speaking of outdoor maintenance, if you are in the market for sprucing up you garden, ask garden centers about potential deals this time of year. As the cooler weather makes its way in, you could find some money saving deals for your garden.

It’s important not to be overcome with the need to spend because something is on sale. If you had planned to make the purchase soon, buying on sale is an added bonus.

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