Consumer Watch: Becoming Instagram Famous

Becoming a social influencer on Instagram creates a new source of income. (File Photo)

Social media fame can sometimes be a calculated plan that works, and others it seems like a mystery you can't wrap your head around. Pictures of your face, your lunch, and even the clothes on your back, can be worth something. It all depends on how many people are looking.

Madison Woodruff is a 19-year-old college student. She is getting her degree in business at OU, and she also happens to be one of the most followed Instagram stars in Oklahoma.

"Last summer it kind of blew up. I went from one-thousand to 10-thousand in a matter of a month," says Woodruff.

Now nearly 17-thousand people follow her Instagram account. Woodruff says she didn't start out looking to gain a massive following, but after participating in a few modeling events in Chicago that count started growing, then she realized her posts could be a source of income.

"Brands will start reaching out to you and asking you to advertise for them, pretty much. They want you to put their clothes on your page, shoes, I even had a blanket company reach out to me," says Woodruff.

At this point, she is considered a social influencer, and is making money off her posts. How much? Well, she was a little more tightlipped on that, but says she is now getting help figuring out how much her posts are worth.

"There is a way you can put an actual set number on how much your post is worth by using how many followers you have versus how much interaction you have with each post," says Woodruff.

The magic number is 10-thousand followers or more. That is what makes a user a social influencer, and opens up advertising opportunities. Maybe you aren't looking for Insta fame, but want a more robust follower count. Here are woodruff's top tips:

1. Cool it on the selfies and focus on original creative shots.

2. Frequency is important, so post regularly and at peak times.

3. Learn to use hashtags. Find out what hashtags are popular with your potential base and use them with every post.

Woodruff also says it is easier to develop a following in larger urban areas with more developed content production. Social media use as a business and content production as an industry are still growing in the Oklahoma City metro.

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