Consumer Watch: Getting your dream job even when they're not hiring

If you have a dream job at a dream company, there are steps you can take to make that dream a reality, eventually. In the high tech world, you don't have to leave your couch to find job openings, and send in your application, but if you're looking to really live the dream, you're going to have to do more than point and click.

Paying for the lights, your food, and all your stuff requires money, and money comes with a job. While you're busy doing what you have to do, it's a great time to also be doing what you need to do to be hired for your dream job.

This applies to anyone, since you don't have a higher level education to eventually get high paying work.

"People look at Walmart, McDonald’s, those kinds of things, as entry level positions, but often those companies have some really high paying positions, and, like I said before, just getting your foot in the door is really the key because they like to hire from within," says Lonnetta Smith with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City.

Smith says the number one thing that will help you succeed is being committed to your job search goal. The web is a great tool that simplifies your job search, but that's not all should do.

"You shouldn't stop there. Always follow-up. Follow-up in person if appropriate. Follow-up by phone call. Or follow-up by email. Just follow-up," says Smith.

Top tips for pushing your job search further include:

1. Making sure your resume is clear and has no mistakes.

2. Attending events where representatives for your dream company will be talking to applicants.

3. Sharpening your interview skills.

The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City has special classes for job seekers who need to sharpen their skills-- from cleaning up your resume to training on improving your interview skills, and the classes are free.

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