Connect To Congress: Rep. Lucas speaks on health care, diversifying Oklahoma business

Congressman Frank Lucas answered FOX 25 viewer questions during a March 15 version of Connect To Congress. (KOKH)

Congressman Frank Lucas answered your questions on health care plans and spoke on helping Oklahoma farmers and ranchers during Wednesday's Connect to Congress interview.

When asked about millions of Americans losing health care Lucas stated that he believes the same would happen under the Affordable Care Act.

"If do nothing, Obamacare will fail and tens of millions will be uninsured," Lucas said.

Lucas stated that farmers and ranchers impacted by multiple wildfires in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas all have programs to reach out to to help with their losses.

When asked about diversifying the state economy Lucas offered an option.

"Our three main industries are agriculture, energy and main street. We need to encourage manufacturing to grow our bases. After we deal with healthcare we need to move to tax reform," Lucas said.

A FOX 25 viewer asked Lucas why Oklahoma was always ranked near the bottom in several aspects. Lucas said legislators should encourage people to spend their money in Oklahoma.

"You have to remember the historic perspective of Oklahoma. We started out as a state a century ago...Native Americans were brought here against their will...We began with minimal capital and a difficult environment," Lucas said.

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