Connect to Congress: Congressman Russell on bridging the policy divide, DACA

Congressman Steve Russell. (KOKH)

Congressman Steve Russell joined FOX 25 to answer YOUR questions as we Connect to Congress.

Oklahoma's House District 5 Representative said that everyone is a prisoner of their own experience when asked about bridging the policy divide in Washington D.C.

"Part of the art of negotiation is you never negotiate the non-negotiables. Those polarizing things that people are just not going to come out of those positions. Most of the things we do in this country don't have to be that," Russell said.

When asked about the Oklahoma City VA hospital, the Congressman said the VA has a good new leader.

"The VA Hospital in Oklahoma City has major issues...He is trying to fix those problems," Russell said.

President Donald Trump recently announced he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy.

"The DACA problem was not created by Congress. It was created by the executive branch...We have a six-month window to deal with this." Russell said. "We have to solve it in Congress."

Russell believes there are two solutions to those under the semi-legal status: deport them or find a way to keep them in a residency status.

"I never see a situation where we deport them, nor should we," Russell said.

The Congressman also stated to his constituents in Oklahoma that he knows Congress is not popular but asked for their prayers.

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