Authorities watch for school zone speeders as school kicks off in Deer Creek

Students returned to the classroom Aug. 17 at Deer Creek Public Schools. (KOKH/Tom George)

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is watching for school zone speeders as students return to school in Deer Creek.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says they have an increased presence in school zones across the metro as a safety precaution.

"We want to ensure that kids get back into the school safely," Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Lt. Charles Avery said.

Avery says that fines double for speeders caught in school zones. Deer Creek Elementary School Principal Lacey Padgett says safety is the number one priority for the school.

"Slow down. Mind our school zones. Be very, very vigilant...put your cell phones away," Padgett said.

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Padgett said her school was very excited to start the 2016 school year.

"We are ready to make a lot of great memories and watch our school grow," Padgett said.

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