Greer County Residents say "Bridge to Nowhere" is a waste of taxpayer dollars

We are learning more about the "Bridge to Nowhere" ODOT wants to build in Greer County. Turns out people who live down the street from the bridge do not want a new one.

On Monday, we told you county leaders want to build the $4.5 million bridge to make a crossing over the Salt Fork of the Red River safer. However, people in the area say they've gone without a bridge for decades and they're doing just fine.

"I think it's just money just throwed away, personally."

"It's a waste of money I think."

"I'm against it. I'm against the bridge I really am."

If you drive around the small town of Reed, that's what you'll hear from many of its residents when it comes to the so called "Bridge to Nowhere." We talked with Tom Peeler and his family who live down the street from the bridge and even they can't understand why their tax dollars are being spent on ODOT's bridge.

Robert Peeler said, "It doesn't connect to another major highway. Not for 12 miles after you cross." Peeler also says both sides of the bridge are dirt roads.

County leaders told us the bridge is a safety hazard when it rains. It becomes impassable and drivers need to take a 25 mile detour to get around. But when FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren asked neighbors how often that happens, this was their response.

"I've lived here my whole life and I've seen it that way one time."

Martha Ann Kopecek lives near the bridge too. "Listen they don't give a hoot whether it's down there or not. I'm just telling it pretty plain."

Kopecek has lived in Reed her entire life and says it's a waste of her and your money.

"I think our tax money needs to go where everybody can ue it. Everybody," Kopecek said.

But Greer County Commissioners do not agree. They say the money was available through a program called the County Improvements for Road and Bridges program, they applied in 2007, and now that it's approved the money must go to this project. They recently wrote a letter to Governor Fallin declaring their unwavering support of construction of the bridge.

"I just don't think it's feasible to spend that kind of money in this part of the county," said Kopecek.

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