The Parker Brothers: Two Oklahoma Piano Prodigies

Nathaniel Parker has been playing piano since he was five and playing violin since he was almost three. He's now 13 and well on his way to stardom.

But he doesn't play alone.

His 11 year old brother Gabriel also started playing piano at the age of five. Both boys displayed a talent their mother recognized early in life.

"Nathaniel was less than a year old," Kartika Parker said. "We were in the bathtub, I gave him a beat and he beat exactly like it."

Now under the watchful eyes of their parents and piano teacher, these piano prodigies are winning all kinds of awards.

"Right now Nathaniel plays at a level that was my level back when I was in college," said Greg Fisher, the boy's piano teacher. "So that's how much the bar for the junior level has risen."

Both of the Parker brothers are three-time Oklahoma Music Teacher Award winners and Nathaniel is an olympic champion.

"(It was) the music olympics for the Gilliam Division, which is the piano division," Nathaniel said. "I got first place and it was $600."

To reach this level requires practice. Both boys spend about three hours a day behind the keyboard and there's only one piano at home.

When asked if Gabriel ever tried to take over the keyboard, Nathaniel said "yes, it happens all the time!"

Nathaniel also composes music and says he wants to play violin or piano as a professional musician. But first, he wants to go to a good college.

Gabriel isn't thinking that far ahead.

"I don't know yet!"

It's a feeling shared by their parents. With talent like this, who know what might happen.

"Based on their talent we don't know," said Jimmy Parker, the boys' father. "But we're excited, anxious, and scared all at the same time."

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