Stillwater Group Providing Dresses For Girls Around The World

"We just thought it'd be so nice for those children to have something to play with."Gail Metcalf is the founder of the Stillwater chapter of Dress A Girl Around The World, a non-profit group dedicated to providing new dresses for children in need."They have a basic pattern for how they want the arm holes, the length it's supposed to be and the width, and the rest is up to you like how much design you want to add, fancy designs or whatever," Metcalf said.When Metcalf and her good friend Karan Brunken saw the pictures of little girls from 65 countries receiving new dresses, they realized these children didn't have much. So they decided to include a little something extra."So we made it our goal that all of our dresses came with a little doll and a hair clip," Metcalf said. "Something to make them feel pretty and feel nice, and something to play with."That was August of 2013. Since then, the Stillwater group has grown to about 20 members and now call themselves the Sew Sisters.They meet once a month to compare dresses, sew new ones, and more."Yeah, we're talking and eating," Brunken said while explaining what happens at the meetings. "You know Christians can't get together without eating!"Most of the dresses are made from pillow cases because they're easy to sew, but some members prefer fabric dresses because they allow more artistic freedom. But one thing every dress includes is a Dress A Girl label clearly displayed for all the world to see."Because this label helps keep predators away," said Metcalf. "For some reason they know these girls are well taken care of. So if we put our Dress A Girl label on it, they are less likely to abduct and harm the girls."Somehow these three Sew Sisters convinced me to step behind a sewing machine and give it a try. After a few quick instructions, I put the pedal to the metal sewing a pocket for a little girl's dress that will make her world a brighter and safer place.If you'd like to learn more about the Sew Sisters, please send an email to