Shiloh Summer Camp

Tucked away in northwest Oklahoma City is a 40 acre paradise. It's a place called Shiloh.

It's a place where miracles happen every summer.

"Shiloh Summer Camp is the best week of any kid's summer," said Stephan Moore, Executive Director.

The man in charge is a 6'8" former basketball player who has devoted his life to children. He mentors 600 kids during the summer and raises nine at home.

"He's truly something to brag about," said Strong Moore, one of Stephan's sons. "He's a man that I truly consider my role model, a man who loves God, and a man I am genuinely proud of."

Stephan knows summer camp is a great way to have a positive effect on young lives. That's why his week-long summer camps are designed to open eyes, hearts, and souls.

"We know that camp is a safe environment for kids to learn new skills and so when they come here they get to do things that normally they would not get to do," said Stephan.

These inner city kids get to feed all kinds of animals, fly down a zip line, ride horses and much more.

"I like to canoe... I mean fish," said Miguel Duran.

"I like choir, that's pretty fun... and I like to sing so that's a bonus," said Mark Payne.

"There's a water slide and there's a rock climbing wall," said Desiree House.

"My favorite thing about the camp is hanging out with my friends," said Sequoia Jones.

"You get to be yourself, make new friends, learn about God," said Joshua Heard.

Faith is the main focus at Shiloh. Campers talk about, rap about, and learn about Christ during every activity.

"It makes me feel good that someone actually cares about me and cares about my future," said Bless Hall, a first year camper.

Activities are designed so campers learn life lessons every step of the way.

"If your friends are doing something that you're not supposed to be doing, walk away from it," said Desiree House, another first year camper.

Stephan says the learning continues even when the camps have ended.

"We do follow up events through-out the year so we can keep encouraging those young people as well as their parents."

Because there's no better investment than children.

"We get to invest in the lives of children who are going to make a mark on our future here in this city and in this nation," said Stephan.

If you'd like more information on Shiloh Summer Camps you can call 405-858-7011.

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