Tell Me Something Good - OSU's #1 Fan

Mild-mannered Matt Fletcher has become a superhero of sorts. By day he runs the information desk at the Student Union helping damsels in distress and guiding lost students to class.

I've deemed him "Captain Cowboy" and he tells me he's here to serve others.

"I can help them with any problem they've got...any questions they've got."

Matt's claim to fame started back in 2006 at the bedlam football game between OSU and OU.

"Some buddies and I camped out for 26 days to get the front row seats for the game."

To show their support they made skirts out of pom-pons and painted themselves from head to toe in OSU orange.

"It was disgusting, it'd get on everything but it'd never come off," Matt said while telling me about the body paint.

Although his superhero uniform was skimpy, his pride ran deep. But when combined, they made his orange powers invincible to any defeat at the hands of a villainous foe.

It didn't take long before Captain Cowboy was king of the campus appearing regularly at games and posing for pictures with captains of sport and industry.

"I always get asked - hey when are you going to put that skirt back on!"

Matt enjoyed his fame, but admits bleeding orange put on the six year graduation plan.

"Like a lot of freshman it took me a little while to realize you're at school to get an education, not just to goof off."

But he says his rise to fame wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the last two years, when administrators took note of his orange prowess and offered him a job marketing cowboy pride by connecting those on the court with those in the classroom.

"We try to bridge that gap between athletics and the students."

Part of that marketing job includes entertaining crowds on the microphone. You'll find him center field and center court pumping up the crowd by stepping behind the trigger of his superhero, super-sized T-shirt gun.

"Like who gets to do that for a living?"

Although the paint and pom-pons are now packed away, Captain Cowboy lives on in OSU shirts and bright orange loafers. His mission is the same - spread the orange power message.

"I couldn't dream up a better job," he said. "When I was a student doing the painting up and all that, I was having so much fun. So this is my chance to make sure that everyone's still having a great time at the games."

It's a mission he's willing to accept as long as the powers that be will have him.

"I don't want to have to buy tickets, I get a front row seat and that's great," he said. "I'll take that all day."