Oklahoma's Band-Aid Boy: A Superhero For Sick Children

Easton Wall is all smiles these days.Especially when it's raining boxes of Band-Aids on top of his head. This young boy has worked very hard to collect all kinds of Band-Aids for young patients at The Children's Hospital."He said they make boo-boo's feel better," said Blaire Wall, Easton's mother.Two years ago, Easton was mediflighted from his home in Cordell to Children's Hospital for emergency surgery. He was back in the E. R. this past May. That's when he realized other young patients desperately needed something kid friendly."That evening when we got home he said he wanted to collect Band-Aids to take to the boys and girls so they would smile when they were in the hospital," Blaire said.With the support of his family, Easton started collecting boxes of Band-Aids. First his mother texted family and friends. Then she posted on Facebook."The status got shared and Band-Aids started rolling in," she said.Boxes were coming from everywhere: Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and several towns in Oklahoma. So many were arriving even those with the wrong address were delivered to their home.

"The mailman brought them to our house because he knew we were the ones doing Band-Aids," Blaire said. "So everyone knew Easton was collecting Band-Aids."

Easton also decided to have a lemonade stand during a community-wide garage sale. The money he raised bought another 100 boxes. In all, this pint-sized, superhero collected more than 1,036 boxes of Band-Aids.Each and every one will be used by young patients at Children's Hospital. There's a Band-Aid Book so children can choose their favorite character."A lot of times in a children's hospital, the kids obviously don't have a lot of control over what's going on," said Belinda Anderson, Manager of Volunteer Services at Children's Hospital. "So this is one, little bitty area where the kids have a say in what's going on."As for Easton, his mother says his Band-Aid days aren't over. He now spends his free time playing doctor. He gladly helped me by putting a Band-Aid on my own boo-boo.This bundle of energy shares something in common with his all-time favorite super hero."(He loves) Spiderman," Blaire said.The common bond - devotion. Because both Spiderman and Easton will do whatever they can to help those in need."He saves the day," Blaire said while looking into her son's eyes.For more information on how to help, please click on Easton's Facebook page or The Children's Hospital.