Infant Crisis Services Helps Oklahoma Babies

It was born as a simple idea during a Sunday school class at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

"It was born, literally in a church basement, little by little, and it has grown into this 29 years later," said JoLynne Jones, Director of Development at Infant Crisis Services.

Now all grown up, Infant Crisis Services provides life sustaining formula, food, diapers and much more to babies and toddlers in times of need.

"Now we're serving 1,200 babies every month," said Jones.

Infant Crisis Services came into Tonya Johnson's life after the birth of her firstborn- Kayla.

"I got formula, I got baby food, cereal, bread, clothes, socks, you name it," said Johnson. "They helped us out."

Because of the help, guidance and support, Kayla is a healthy, studious young girl. She now has two brothers: William and Michael. They also received help during the family's difficult times.

Mothers like Tonya are referred to as clients. They're served during appointments and treated with respect. While clients shop for clothes, their children are entertained nearby.

"So you don't have to worry like oh gosh, I got kids," said Johnson. "It's fine, bring your children. They welcome you and your family."

In addition to food and diapers, clients can choose six items of clothing, a bottle, shoes, socks, and for newborns- a beautiful baby blanket knit by volunteers.

There's also bread and other food items to help keep the grocery bill down. Each mother can visit five times during her baby's first four years.

Everything is free.

"You fall down on them tough times and you be like who do I go to?" said Johnson. "You can always call on Infant Crisis Services."


If Infant Crisis Services can help you, or if you'd like to volunteer or donate items, please call 405-528-3663

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