Fred Green & The Launch Pad: Turning Dreams Into Businesses

"I spent 10 years helping small businesses become successful."

Fred Green is a successful businessman and consultant. He now helps dreams become reality.

Green is the Director of The Launch Pad at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center. It's a starting point for entrepreneurs to take an idea and turn it into a sustainable business in Oklahoma.

Step one: identify barriers.

"The constraints or impediments that might be in his way," Green said.

Then Green tasks the entrepreneur with milestones that must be accomplished by a certain date.

"Secure 10 mom and pop shops for accounts to distribute the Sealy Cap to," said Brian Gibson while discussing his milestones.

Gibson must accomplish that milestone by the end of the year. He's in the program to grow his business Simpliuniik, Inc. His first product is the Sealy Cap. It's a silicone cap that keeps all kinds of things fresh.

"Basically it's a device that can reseal things like canned foods, canned beverages, fruits, vegetables," Gibson said.

Mike Osburn is growing his service company Plan Ahead Events. His goal is a signature event in Oklahoma called The Route 66 Mother Road Rally.

"It'll be a road rally that can be enjoyed by young people and old people alike," Osburn said. "It's family oriented, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, you name it."

Danny Kasalek is developing his company U.S. Energy Recovery. One of his products is an LED light fixture that replaces typical warehouse lighting. It's made in the U.S.A. and requires much less energy to illuminate. His new business is already saving Oklahoma factories lots of money.

"Ditch Witch up in Perry," Kasalek said. "(We) saved them $284,000 annually on their energy bills."

Green says the Department of Commerce reports 80% of new businesses don't survive. But those in his Launch Pad program are beating the odds.

"88% of the companies that graduate from incubators survive the first 5 years," he said.

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