Growing Oklahoma: OKC Water Variances


Watching our water is still very important here in Oklahoma! Robert Reaves, Water Conservation Coordinator, City of Oklahoma City Utilities discusses watering variances and fescue seeding tips, including:

  1. Watering variance gives Oklahoma City residents 30 days to establish fescue seed
  2. Instructions on applying for a variance
  3. No fescue seed? Apply for a 2 day a week watering variance to save on water bill
  4. Fescue seed tips (seeding, fertilizer, watering, mowing)

For more information, contact the City of Oklahoma City Utilities at 405-297-2833 or go to

You can drop by the OSU Cooperative Extension Service office to find out more about today's topic. The extension services is on 63rd street in OKC. You can call them at 405-713-1125.

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