Get Pink: 8 year-old daughter helps mother with breast cancer battle

Angie Hynd and her daughter Makenzie. (KOKH)

A resilient mother, with stage 4 breast cancer, explains how her 8-year-old daughter inspires her to keep going.

Angie Hynd and her daughter Makenzie, have countless memories together, from gymnastic competitions and Disney trips to difficult moments in the hospital. In April 2015, Angie was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer after she discovered a lump at age 40.

She hadn't even had ever first mammogram yet.

"There's no history of breast cancer in my family. I am the very first one honestly don't carry the gene for it," Angie said.

Hynd completed chemo and a mastectomy and went into remission. One year later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a second time with stage 4.

"I didn't want to have to go through the journey of chemo and all that stuff, all over again because it really is tough, but at the same time I can still do this. It just might be a little harder this time," Angie said

Something her 8-year-old daughter knows all too well.

"We're going to do this. We're not going to turn back. There's no turning back. We're going to do this, " Makenzie said.

"It's just that little sparkle that she has in her, that makes it's all worth while to go ahead and fight, and realize I'm fighting for her," said Angie Hynd.

Makenzie plans to leave a spark where ever she goes, with hopes of becoming an ER doctor.

"Taking care of my mom, it helped me encourage me to help other people get through this situation," Makenzie said.

So those patients can share endless moments with their loved ones.

Angie starts radiation this week at INTEGRIS in Oklahoma City, and it's expected to last six weeks.

She encourages everyone to "know their bodies" and perform regular self-breast exams because that's how she discovered she had breast cancer twice.

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