World Cup viewers enraged as New York station cuts in for tornado warning

An estimated 17.5 million viewers tuned in to the watch the World Cup finale in the U.S., but viewers in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania missed the final few minutes as the station carrying the game cut in for a tornado warning and they caught a lot of heat for doing so.Fox 25's sister station in Elmira, NY, is catching heat after it had to interrupt the tail-end of the World Cup final Sunday. Just moments after Germany scored the only goal of the game in extra time, WENY-TV interrupted the game to update folks in the area about the weather, specifically a tornado warning. The cut-in lasted the remainder of the game, approximately six minutes, and drew a lengthy list of harsh Tweets that bashed the station. On Monday, the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado had touched down and rated it an EF-1 with winds between 86 and 110 mph. It also drew international attention with Deadspin and picking up the story.
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