Woman's weight loss photo banned by Facebook

(CNN via KING5) -- Social media is how we vent, relate and a lot of times show off.

As long as what you show is in good taste, what could possibly go wrong? One woman found out after she was told her picture demonstrating her dramatic weight loss was not fit for Facebook.

A pair of size 20 pants meant a lot to Marilyn McKenna. She once weighed 265 pounds, and with her dramatic weight loss, that means she never has to wear them again.

She took a picture of her sliding her new body into one leg of what she called her fat pants, showing how far her weight loss journey has gone.

It's a journey she shares with the world, and as she posts interviews, thoughts and prepares to finish a book, McKenna thought the picture would be the best way to demonstrate what she had lost and gained.

"I wasn't fat because I really wanted to be," McKenna said.

On Thursday night, McKenna made the image her profile picture on her fan page, but Facebook found a problem.

"These types of images are considered to be promoting idealized physical appearances and are policy violating," McKenna said the message from Facebook read.

She tried to make the photo her profile picture again, and Facebook sent a message saying, "Your ad wasn't approved because it promotes adult products."

The wife of the former Washington State Attorney General wasn't pleased.

"I can't even fathom what they [Facebook] was thinking," McKenna said.

McKenna may have lost weight, but she did not mince words.

"I said, 'Yeah, I call bulls--- on Facebook,'" McKenna said.

A comment like that could get kicked off Facebook as well.