Woman sentenced for helping husband dump teenage babysitter's body

Dea and Eric Millerberg are convicted of dumping their teenage babysitter's body after a night of sex and drugs.

OGDEN, Utah (AP) -- A Utah woman accused of helping her husband dump their teenage baby sitter's body in the woods after a night of sex and drugs has been sentenced to prison for up to five years.A state judge sentenced 41-year-old Dea Millerberg on Thursday.Millerberg pleaded guilty in June to three felonies, including desecration of a human body.She agreed to a plea deal after testifying against her husband.Prosecutors said Millerberg and her husband had a drug-fueled, salacious sexual relationship with 16-year-old Alexis Rasmussen that led to her death from an overdose in 2011.Her husband, 38-year-old Eric Millerberg, is serving up to life in prison after he was found guilty of child abuse homicide and other charges.Dea Millerberg cried in court Thursday and apologized to Rasmussen's mother.