Woman reveals 'monumental secret' before reuniting with daughter 77 years later

The year was 1928 and Minka Disbrow's life changed forever. It may be hard to believe, but at that point in her life, she still believed storks delivered babies. That's when she was attacked and raped by a stranger.She hid the secret from her family and friends until she realized how much her body was changing. Her mom then had to explain for the first time how babies are made, according to The Blaze.Her family then sent her to live at a young women's home to hide the situation. She delivered her child, named her Betty Jane, and then gave her up for adoption at the guidance of her mom and pastor.For almost 80 years, she said she kept it quiet. Disbrow eventually married and had more children. In 2006, she revealed her past to her family, stunning them all. She told them all about Betty Jane, the child she gave up 77 years before. She even showed them an old black-and-white photo of the child that she had cherished privately for all of those years.Despite not speaking with anyone about it, she had written dozens of letters to the adoption agency, many of which unanswered. Betty Jane had been renamed Ruth Lee and she went on to have a family of her own with little knowledge of her situation. Around Lee's 77th birthday, in 2007, Disbrow once again began praying for her and wondering about her daughter, while thinking about her own mortality. She told God she'd like to see Lee at least once before dying. "Less than six weeks later, she got the call from [Lee]," her granddaughter told TheBlaze, calling the story of how the two reconnected "stranger than fiction."At the same point, Lee was looking for answers about her past. She became ill with a heart condition and gallbladder issues in 2006 and when doctors asked about her family history, she had none. She knew she was adopted but knew little else."I started having a lot of surgeries and so the first thing they want to know is about family history," Lee told TheBlaze. "I said I was adopted and I don't know anything about my family medical history."She did some digging and found her adoption files. Then she found the letters from Disbrow.It wasn't until that point that Lee learned of the disturbing circumstances surrounding her conception and birth. She had previously assumed that her parents were simply a young couple unable to afford a child, but had no idea her birth was the result of a rape.Read the rest of the story at
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