Woman pretending to be pregnant busted for burglary

Courtesy of KEYE TV

(KEYETV) -- She introduced herself as "Katie Thomas" but police said her real name is Laura Reynolds Beatty. "This lady had her scripts down pretty well. She knew what she was doing," recalled Keller Williams realtor Michael Orozco. Which is why Orozco didn't question the woman when she abruptly asked to use the bathroom at an open house in Texas. "She said she was pregnant and typically you don't argue with a pregnant woman when she has to use the facilities," said Orozco. But when a client called Orozco to tell him some of his prescription meds had been stolen from the master bathroom, Orozco knew something was up. So he sent an email to over 200 realtors warning them of the woman and her act. "It matched exactly what this woman did and what she said," recalled Keller Williams realtor Jared Fader. After reading the email Fader realized that woman was in the bathroom at his open house. According to an arrest affidavit Reynolds Beatty would remove rolls of toilet paper from her purse and stack it inside the victim's bathroom and refill her bag with their stolen merchandise. "Her purse when she came in was unzipped and when was leaving it was zipped shut so I knew then and there it was the person," added Fader. So Fader followed the woman outside snapping photos of the smuggled toilet tissue and get-a-way car. Cops used the license place to locate her. According to an arrest report Reynolds Beatty told the officer she was going to be "completely honest" and handed him a bag with "all the items she had taken from that house." "I was really happy we caught her," said Fader. Reynolds Beatty is charged with burglary of a habitation.
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