Woman found with escaped inmate identified

Chelsea Price, accused of assisting with Johnson's escape

Police have identified the woman who was found with an escaped inmate at a Southwest Oklahoma City home.

When Oklahoma City Police arrested Kristopher Johnson Tuesday night inside a house on SW Douglas Drive, a woman was with him inside. Police have identified the woman as 25-year-old Chelsea Price.

Police say Price was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on assisting a prisoner to escape. At this time, police do not know the relationship between the two.

The entire incident began Monday when a witness called police to report a sighting of Johnson who had escaped from Department of Corrections custody earlier this month. Police say he was driving a stolen truck and when they tried pulling him over, he took off, eventually losing police in the neighborhood.

Police received another tip about where Johnson was hiding. They learned he pulled into a garage at 8212 S. Douglas Drive but had closed the door before police arrived. Police also learned from a tip that the suspect was armed with an assault rifle.

Officers knocked on the door and tried communicating with both Price and Johnson, but were forced to abandon the operation when they did not have probably cause.

On Wednesday, the owner of the truck reported it stolen and police had a search warrant to recover the truck. At 5:00 PM Tuesday, the warrant was executed. By 11:00 PM Price surrendered to police and JOhnson was arrested while he tried to escape out the back door. Police confirm they found a gun inside the home.

Oklahoma City Police apologized to the neighborhood for the disturbance the investigation caused.