Woman creates own career as professional cuddler

A woman in Oregon isn't job hunting; she's job creating. She started her own career as a professional cuddler.

For $60 an hour, people are signing up for a cuddle session with Sam Hess.

She holds people close, massages their hands, and tells them it's okay to touch her, but there are ground rules.

"It's not about the adult side of touch at all," Hess said.

Hess has her boyfriend's support and even has his picture posted above her workspace to remind her clients.

She encourages her clients to touch her. She says touch her in the same places it's appropriate to touch a child.

She's got several different cuddle positions, two of which are "Come to Mama" and "Tandem Bicycle". But, everyone is different.

"Having the right touch for the right person at the right time is very specific," Hess said.

She'll even dress up according to her client's taste and she keeps records of their personal profiles.

Her most comment clients aren't single men looking for something more.

"Single parents a lot of the times, people with clinical depression I get a lot. When you're in those in-between stages in life, it's nice to have something to kind of pick you back up a little."

She's not getting rich off the gig but hopes more people embrace it.

"I'm definitely not surviving off of this at this point, but I hope to at some point."