Winter storm shoppers clear out grocery shelves

Grocery stores across the Metro had to work hard to keep shelves stocked on Wednesday as people prepared for the winter storm.

Bare shelves of bread, milk, bottled water and toilet paper could be found at almost every store.

Dale Brooks is the Operations Manager at the Crest store on W. 15th in Edmond, he said his store had to call in more employees and stockers will be working around the clock to keep shelves as full as possible.

Louann Moore was shopping with her 79 year old mother. Moore's mom and dad aren't allowed to drive anymore so it's important that they have everything they need before the storm hits.

"All the staples you know, bread and milk. Looks like she's got a little bit of soda here, cookies," said Moore.

"The weather is so uncertain they're not going to be caught at home without food or something to do," said Brooks.

Brooks says Wednesday are normally slow days, but the combination of preparing for the storm and the holidays made Wednesday one of their busiest days.

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