Who is feeling the shutdown in Oklahoma?

The federal government shutdown means it may be harder to access some government services. Some federal websites are out of service. Calls to some offices in Oklahoma City's federal building go unanswered, because employees have been furloughed.

Slideshow: What's impacted in Oklahoma during shutdown

But, the U.S. General Services Administration says all offices are still open, just running on shorter staff.

For now, state offices are still running as usual, Governor Mary Fallin said.

"We don't think the state of Oklahoma will be affected immediately," the governor said.

State services that run on federal dollars should be okay so long as the shutdown does not drag out. If it does, some agencies will have to reassess their services.

"In the meantime the federal government needs to get its act in order. Washington needs to get a long-term, sustainable budget for our nation, because the uncertainty that it creates when we have a federal government shutdown is bad for our state, it's bad for our nation, it's bad for our families, it's bad for business," she said.

Despite the debate on the Affordable Care Act leading to the shutdown, Governor Fallin applauded House Republicans for trying to reach a deal for the law's delay.

Many Oklahomans FOX 25 spoke with agree with the governor. They like the effort to repeal the Act, but are still frustrated with the consequences.

"A lot of the people that aren't getting paid right now, work hard every day and the people who we pay to work for us are still getting their paycheck. That's the politicians," Brian Womack said.