We're friends, right? Man travels country to meet Facebook friends

Mikel McLaughlin is on a mission to meet with all of his Facebook friends. The 35-year-old from Minnesota planned a road trip throughout the country to meet all 575 of his friends in person. "For some it will be the first time meeting him. For me, I started to realize that as my Facebook friends number grew, I knew less and less of them very well. I had some free time and I thought, This might be an interesting experiment for me, and a fun one as well to see if I could connect with people on a basis that didnt involve a computer screen in front of us," says McLaughlin. He began the trip on April 2 with 302 friends, calling his social experiment "We're Friends, Right?" His number of friends has since grown to 575. As of June 20, McLaughlin has seen 168 of his Facebook friends.He's traveled through multiple states including Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, California and Iowa. While Mikel isn't sure he can meet everyone, but he wants to try. To follow McLaughlins travels and Facebook friends endeavor, visit his website or his Facebook page.