Watch this: bus bully gets taste of own medicine during attack

A cell phone video shows a bullied boy receiving a bus beating from a girl on a school bus before he's pushed too far and fights back. However, it's it's surprisingly compassionate act at the end that may surprise you.The video, originally uploaded to YouTube but pulled down, was reuploaded to LiveLeak. The girl in the video can be seen standing over him, pulling his hair, and slapping him in the face. The boys desperately tries to block the blows, but she continues. Someone off-camera pleads for the girl to stop but she won't listen. When she kicks the boy in the head, he's had enough and starts fighting back.The bus driver was nowhere to be seen, but an adult woman can be heard saying "I can't stop a thing. There's nothing I can do. That's why I tell ya'll don't fight. Nothing to do but call the policecallin' 911 now."Watch the video above, but we want to warn you that it contains violence and very offensive language.