Watch the FOX 25 Town Hall: Caring for Veterans

As part of its continued commitment to the community, Fox 25 held a Town Hall meeting to discuss issues affecting our veterans returning from service. The latest statistics show that every day 22 veterans commit suicide, and countless more suffer from PTSD. Fox 25 assembled a panel to take part in a discussion moderated by Mark Hyman.It happened at Oklahoma Christian University's in Judd Theater in Edmond, Oklahoma. Members of the panel included:
  • Juanita Celie, Oklahoma VA Hospital Suicide Prevention Coordinator
  • Dr. Steven Scruggs, a Psychologist with the Oklahoma VA Hospital
  • Howard & Jean Somers, whose veteran son Daniel committed suicide
  • Gen. James Mukoyama, President & Exec. Dir. Of Military Outreach USA
The interactive discussion focused on the challenges and issues involved with caring for veterans who are returning from overseas service. The open discussion allowed members of our live audience and followers on social media to ask the panel the questions they want answered.Watch the entire town hall meeting by clicking play on the video above. You can also watch it it Saturday on FOX 25 at 4 p.m. or Sunday at 5 p.m. on the CW.
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