Watch: mom's online dance-off video blooper is a 'bump'

She didn't even see it coming. Not the mom, probably not her little girl. But after it happened, the video went viral.Summer Knowlden posted the video Monday called "Baby booty bump". She wrote that she was trying out some dance moves before she entered a contest and had a bit of a blooper.In her video, she wrote this narrative: "I decided to enter an online dance off for moms, but was a little hesitant about posting a clip of me dancing on the Internet. I wanted to practice a little before and this is an outtake from my "warm-up." It's too good not to share!!"The 14 second clip has been shared across the internet. And good news for her little girl, she wasn't hurt."Our daughter didn't even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well :)"
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