Watch counts down your life, reminder to make every second count

Tikker watch counts down to your death. It's premise: remind you that every second counts. Image via kickstarter

A unique watch is getting kickstarted online. It's mission: to use a formula to count down to the end of your life. But it has nothing to do with being morbid, the founders what to remind you to make every second count.

Tikker is a watch that counts down the years, months, days, hours, and seconds remaining until your death. More accurately, the Kickstarter project slowly ticks down to its best guess as to when your death will occur.

The watch lands on a date based on your answers in a health-related questionnaire and your age. Just like that, the countdown is on!

You still get the regular time, but every time you look down, you get a reminder of your mortality.

The creators hope to raise $25,000 via kickstarter. They say the money will be used for tooling, assembly, testing, and ultimately distributing the watch.