Washington police: man shoots arrow wrapped in marijuana at jail

This arrow wrapped in weed is believed to have been shot at a jail in Washington state.

A man in Washington State was arrested earlier this week for shooting an arrow wrapped in marijuana at a county jail.

David Jordan, of Bellingham, Washington, was arrested Tuesday, August 27. Police say a civilian employee of the Whatcom County Jail spotted Jordan firing a bow and arrow at the jail.

But this wasn't a typical bow and arrow, the arrow was wrapped in weed.

The marijuana missile was shot up towards a mesh screen that sits near the top of the second-floor exercise area. According tot he sheriff, if fired at a perfect angle, an arrow might squeeze through the screen.

After the employee reported what he saw, he took down Jordan's license plate which law enforcement tracked down to his home.

Jordan admitted to firing the arrow but said he was hunting squirrels. However, he had no explanation as to why marijuana was attached to the arrow.

He was arrested and booked into the same facility he allegedly tried to get the marijuana into for introducing contraband into the corrections facility.