Washington burglar caught on video stealing sex toys

(KOMO) Police say an Olympia man broke into a local adult store and made off with sex toys, and it's the second time in a year one of the stores was burglarized.

On March 9, surveillance footage from inside the Olympia Lovers shows a burglar tossing a big rock through a glass door before entering the store and going on his own shopping spree.

Managers at Lovers say the thief knew what he was looking for.

"So he loaded up with toys and it was a pretty targeted 'hit' if you want to call it that. But he did a fine job of getting some pretty great stuff in a very short period of time," said David Leigh.

The surveillance video shows the burglar scooping up big ticket items worth as much as $150 to $200. He hits the life size body forms rack before packing up his booty in a shopping cart and leaving.

Police were there in a hurry and arrested suspect David Powell as he pushed the cart with the adult items.

"He let the police know that he felt he was being harassed and that they were only doing this because he was transgender," Leigh said.

Police said Powell was arrested because he's a burglary suspect caught with the stolen items.

"He's got some weird fetish going on maybe," said customer Sharon Boyle. "Crazy things people do these days."

This wasn't the first time a thief targeted a Lovers store. Last May, the Silverdale location was burglarized. That time the thief made off with one of the store mannequins. Police say 24-year-old Arthur Ray Brown returned to the store later and broke in wearing the mannequin's wig.

He was arrested that night.

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