Virginia man claims to snap photos of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is notoriously camera shy. A Virginia man, however, thinks his dad may have just caught the mythical beast on his cell phone. Randy O'neal was fishing with his dad over the weekend when he saw something strange near the banks of the Intercoastal Waterway in Virginia. Quickly grabbing his old school camera phone, his dad recorded a few frames of the elusive beast which Randy quickly posted on YouTube announcing, Bigfoot photographed in Virginia. As described on the video, O'neal claims this is not his first run-in with Bigfoot. Twenty five years ago, at the age of 15, he was camping in the same area with his dad when he kept seeing strange red eyes. According to O'Neal's account, his father told him to shoot in the direction of the eyes. When he did, he heard a blood-curdling scream and something splash in the water. The next day, O'neal and his dad went to where they heard the creature the night before. They could not believe what they saw.The path that the creature cleared through in the woods as it headed for the water was cleared as if a skid steer had gone through the woods, ONeal said. Not a sapling was left standing. Until now, though, O'neal said he never had proof of what he saw in the woods that night with the glowing eyes and terrible scream. Not surprisingly, given the number of Bigfoot tall tales out there, including a recent one where a Las Vegas man claimed to have shot the beast, many are not keen to believe O'neal's sighting and have declared his YouTube footage as yet another hoax. O'neal, though, has responded to all his doubters, saying he is simply sharing something strange he saw in the woods and welcomes those who wish to analyze the film. "For all who think I am pulling a Fast one on you: My story from being a teenager is as true as the day is long. I dont claim to have Shot Bigfoot. I claim to have shot a creature that we never identified. As for the photos, they were taken by my 72-year-old father on June 28, 2014 with his old school flip phone," he wrote on YouTube adding "You believe or you dont. There is no in-between."