Vietnam Veteran Given New Car For The Holidays

It's a day Charles Goleman will remember for the rest of his life.

"We give away a car to a deserving individual who has given so much to the community, in this case a Vietnam vet who fell on hard times," Chuck Mai with AAA Oklahoma explained.

Goleman says he gave up drinking and running the streets, and was in the process of rebuilding his life when he became the victim of the Moore tornado.

"He was care-taking two houses in Moore and the twister took out both of them," said Mai.

Goleman's only way to get around was destroyed in the storm.

"The pickup turned over for about half a mile," he said. "It just kept rolling sideways."

Since then, he's been relying on friends.

"I'll call a friend of mine, he'll come get me and take me down to church on Wednesday and Sunday," Goleman said.

Goleman relied on that same friend to get him to the dentist.

"You have to be grateful for that," a reporter stated.

"I am because I got my teeth now," Goleman exclaimed. "I didn't have them before."

Goleman is showing off his pearly whites more and more these days. He's donating lots of his time helping others. That's why the Salvation Army selected him to receive the keys to a 2009 Honda Accord.

AAA Oklahoma and Body Works Collision Center made it happen.

"Hertz is kicking in 250 dollars in gas, AAA is going to insure the car for 6 months for free, plus give you a AAA membership for a year," Mai explained while handing Goleman the title to his new car.

Goleman says he's going to have the best Christmas ever and he's headed south to spend it with friends.

"A Vietnam veteran friend of mine down in Amarillo, Texas, wants me to come down, and now I'm going to be able to go down and spend Christmas," Goleman said with a smile.