Video shows police incident at Warren Theatre before man's death

The Rodriguez family and their attorney release video at the Warren Theatre of the final minutes before Luis Rodriguez's death.

Luis Rodriguez died after a confrontation with three Moore police officers and two off-duty game wardens. His wife told reporters that the officers beat her husband.
The video picks up when they have Rodriguez on the ground, and it is a bit graphic.
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Luis's wife Nair Rodriguez recorded what happened on her cell phone. She says the officers came at her husband after she had a fight with their 19-year-old daughter.

"I understand there was a domestic here, someone hit someone," the officer asks on the video.

"Yes I hit my daughter," Nair responds.

In a press conference Tuesday, Rodriguez family attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez released the video.

"Luis, known in his family and his church as a peacemaker, went after his wife to calm her down when he was confronted by police and theatre security," Jimenez said.

The family stood with Jimenez. It was 10 days after their father's death.

Family members claim police brutality played a role, but their attorney says he's holding judgment until hearing from the medical examiner.

The video shows Rodriguez apparently unresponsive.

"Papa! Is he okay?" Nair asks in the background, "He doesn't move!"

An officer works to calm her down.

"He's gonna be okay, they're gonna take care of him," he says, but Nair was frantic.

"He doesn't move! You kill him!" she yells.

Moore Police spoke to reporters last week. They said Luis was combative so they pepper-sprayed him and held him down. But they say no other weapons, like bats or batons, were used.

"We do stand behind our officers and their actions," said police spokesperson Jeremy Lewis.

They've handed the case to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation because there are both officers from their department and a state agency involved.

"We don't have anything to hide, we're totally open with the investigation," Lewis said.

"Luis committed no crime," said Jimenez, "he was not armed. He had no gun, no knife, no weapon of any kind. But Luis was the one that lost his life that night."

In the video you can hear police repeating several times that Luis was still breathing.

"I've got medical here, they're gonna come check him out, make sure he's okay," an officer told Nair.

But she didn't believe him.

"You're killing my husband!" she yells.

Now fingers may be pointing, but none can bring Luis back to his family.

Investigators with the OSBI say they are still investigating what happened. The medical examiner has not yet released Luis's autopsy results.