VIDEO: School cop fired for beating child with cerebral palsy, dumping him out of wheelchair

(CNN) -- A school security officer is charged with felony child abuse for slapping and dumping a boy out of his wheelchair.Student Francisco Martinez has cerebral palsy. School officials say 23-year-old Marchell Mitchell was a substitute school resource officer hired in November.The school's principal told parents that Mitchell was trying to get students to class on time. Martinez "either refused to comply or was slow to do so," so Mitchell began to push Martinez's wheelchair. Martinez objected and tried to slap Mitchell's hand away, and Mitchell then handcuffed Martinez's hands to his chair. Martinez admits that he then spit on Mitchell, and that's when Mitchell began pummeling Martinez and dumped him out of his wheelchair.Martinez claims Mitchell assaulted him again in an elevator, beating him and dumping him out of his wheelchair, away from security cameras.The Oakland School District said it immediately fired the officer.The school district said it did a background check on Mitchell when he was hired. It says it showed no prior arrests or convictions.(Video courtesy: CNN Newsource)