VIDEO: Florida Greyhound driver arrested for DUI

Courtesy of CNN Newsource.

(CNN) -- A Florida Greyhound bus driver was arrested last week on accusations that he was high on drugs while driving a bus full of passengers. Video shows 59-year-old Richard Campbell being arrested by officers after his erractic behavior was phoned into police by a bus passenger. In the call, the passenger states Campbell was fidgeting and almost ran a car off the road. The caller says when Campbell stopped the bus at a rest stop his eyes were barely open. 30 minutes after the passenger called police, Campbell was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol troopers. The troopers say the bus driver was sweating, yelling, moaning and could not control his arms or legs. According to the FHP, 20 people were on the bus while Campbell was driving, including an 8-month-old and an 11-year-old. Campbell was charged with DUI with children and two counts of child neglect. A Greyhound spokesperson says their company has a zero tolerance policy of any greyhound employee using or being in possession of alcohol or illegal substances. (VIDEO SOURCE: CNN)