Vandals Spray Paint Pigs and Let Animals Loose in Chickasha District Barn

Graffiti still covers the walls inside the barn at Chickasha Public Schools.

"I've never had anything like this happen before," said Chancer McPherson, an Agriculture Education Teacher.

McPherson says vandals tagged the walls and turned all the animals loose late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. They also covered two show pigs, Chester and Magenta with spray paint.

"You feel bad for the kids when something like this happens," said McPherson.

Chester and Magenta were tagged with red and black spray paint. Chester had an expletive written on his side.

"You don't know if that's going to come off of the animals when they write something like that," said McPherson.

Chester still had remnants of red paint on him Wednesday afternoon, and so did Magenta, but thanks to a friend in the community, things are almost back to normal.

Sheila Barron may be a salon owner, but she's knows a thing or two about animals.

"I just know the animal skin is just really sensitive," said Barron, owner of "A Do About You" in Chikasha.

Barron gave students a bottle of Biosilk hair treatment to strip the paint of Chester and Magenta-- as it turns out, she used to show animals.

"That should work for them," she said.

It will take a few more washes to get all the paint off the pigs, but McPherson hopes this will help his students get their animals ready for their big stock show coming up in Kansas City.

"You spend a lot of time with these kids and a lot of these kids are like your own children," said McPherson.

McPherson says many of his students wake up early to care for their animals each day, some arrive at the district barn as early as 5 AM to care for their pigs, sheep, and cattle. McPherson says when he arrived Tuesday morning all the animals were scattered around the pastures and one champion Angus bull wandered off the property. McPherson also said two sheep made way into the pig pen and ate hog feed, which made them sick.

Vandalism at the district barn could ultimately keep students from showing their animals at the stock show they worked all year to prepare for. Chickasha Police are investigating the case, but until officers find the vandals, McPherson has this message for them.

"If you're mad at someone in the organization you need to come to them, but don't take it away from these young people that have worked so hard," he said.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Crimestoppers at 405-222-TIPS (8477) or Text tips to CRIMES (274-637) and use the keyword, Chicktip.