Vandal lashes out at New York drivers with spray painted messages

A vandal in New York is lashing out at drivers for their parking skills, or as he apparently perceives it, their lack of parking skills.It's not uncommon to leave a note on the windshield telling someone you don't appreciate their parking job but someone in New York City is resorting to spray paint with the message "Learn to Park" painted on several vehicles.One New Yorker who parked Tuesday night woke up to the message and said she, obviously, wasn't pleased."I know how hard it is to find spots in this neighborhood so I would try to leave space if there was space so it's very upsetting."Another foul note was written on an car just two blocks away. Doreen Pratt owns that vehicle and said there was nothing wrong with the way she parked and there simply wasn't enough room for another car near her."There was no way another car would have fit there, a smart car was even too big for it," Pratt said. At a nearby school, a surveillance camera captured an image of a man walking by and carrying spray paint. Residents say parking is real issue in their neighborhood but to punish by vandalism is taking it too far.