U.S. Marshals arrest woman in Edmond accused of kidnapping her daughter

A Missouri father gets the news he's been waiting for. U.S. Marshals find his 13 year old daughter alive in Edmond after they say she was kidnapped by her mother three years ago.

The girl's father, William Warren says, "Just rejoice. I'm so happy. I don't think I've been this happy for the past three years."

The girl's mother, Carla Osborne, remains in the Logan County jail after being arrested by Marshals late Monday afternoon.

William Warren says in June of 2010, Osborne came to pick up their daughter, Lillie, for a visit at their Kansas City home and never returned.

Warren says he told police numerous times but they turned him away calling his case a civil matter.

Eventually, William's current wife, Barbara, had enough and took matters into her own hands.

"I think it a little bit too far because I started going to the judge's house. I wouldn't advise nobody to do that but I went a couple of nights and knocked on his door and demanded somebody do something," said Barbara Warren.

In August, the Jackson County prosecutor's office took action and issued a warrant for Osborne's arrest.

U.S. Marshals discovered Osborne and Lillie living with a friend they met in Edmond.

Warren traveled to Oklahoma City Tuesday morning to be reunited with his baby girl and to take her home.

Warren says, "As it stands now, she's going home and she's happy."