UPDATE: Girl leads neighbors to murder scene, victim's name released

The Garfield County Sheriff has released the name of a victim found murdered in Garber this weekend.Sheriff Jerry Niles says Cassidy Hancock, 26, of Garber died late Friday night or Saturday morning. Her boyfriend, Christopher Sparks in the suspect in the case. Sparks will need to be extradited from Arizona to face a first degree murder complaint in Garfield County.Hancock's body was discovered in her apartment about 2:00 p.m. Saturday."The neighbor said she heard commotion going on over there between 11:30-12:00 that night," neighbor Jim Rowell said.Rowell lives across the street from the home where Hancock was found. He says he was on his way home from shopping Saturday, when he spotted a 4-year-old girl in the road."She stopped in front of the vehicle, didn't get out of the road, just stopped. My wife got out and asked her where her momma was and she turned around and brought her all the way back to the apartment. She kept hesitating and looking back at us, making sure we where following her," Rowell said.Rowell says another neighbor who knows the girl took her upstairs to her apartment and that woman discovered the body."Thank God the baby wasn't hurt," Rowell said. "There's a lot of child trafficking going on, that was my biggest concern, a baby running around loose."
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