University president says there may be more to track coach's termination

The termination of a head track and field coach has caught the attention of people across the country. Matt Aguero says the main reason St. Gregory's University let him go, was his participation in this year's Boston Marathon.In an audio recording Aguero released to FOX 25, a university official says she is under the impression the school's athletic director was taking action against Aguero as a result of the race. The athletic director can be heard saying the marathon was the "trigger" for his termination.Friday, St. Gregory's president said there were several "other performance factors involved." He said the audio Aguero gave us was from just one of a series of discussions about action against Aguero.Below is the entire statement the university president sent FOX 25:"Former Track Coach Matt Aguero released a secretly recorded audiotape of one in a series of discussions about his release from the University under the terms of his contract. The content of that discussion and the larger situation have been significantly distorted. St. Gregory's makes its personnel decisions carefully, and we protect our employees' confidentiality, including Mr. Aguero's and our Athletic Director Dr. Jeff Potter's. However, we can clarify a few key facts. Even though no classes were held on the day of the Boston Marathon, it was indeed an official work day for staff and that was communicated in the employee handbook and on the University calendar on the campus intranet. The audiotape Mr. Aguero made public also partially discloses other performance factors that were involved in the decision. Unfortunately, his release of the tape also unethically violates the confidentiality of several of our students and recruits. St. Gregory's is a caring community of Catholic faith and learning based on Benedictine values. We are proud of our integrity, which includes holding everyone accountable for their actions." - D. Gregory Main, President of St. Gregory's University