Two-year-old recovering after multiple dog bites from pit-mastiff mix

Police say a toddler has undergone several surgeries and is in critical condition after a dog bit its hand multiple times.

According to police, the unnamed two-year-old was staying with its mother at a home in Ardmore. On September 14th, police were called to the emergency room to investigate the incident.

Officials say they believe the child was in the kitchen alone for some time without adult supervision. They believe the child got into syrup and caramel sauce as well as marshmallows and dog food. They believe the child was taking handfuls of dog food to the animal when it bit child repeatedly.

The cries from the child awoke the dog owner who brought the child to its mother. The child was taken to an Ardmore hospital and then medi-flighted to Oklahoma City where it underwent multiple surgeries and is currently in critical condition.

The dog is described as a pit and mastiff mix and had no history of being aggressive. The dog was euthanized due to court order and will be tested for rabies.

Child neglect charges have been presented to the district attorney against the mother, 24-year-old Kera Wood of Ardmore. No arrests have been made at this time.