Two-legged Oklahoma cat gaining international fame

Mercury (Raising Mercury/Facebook)

A two-legged Edmond cat named Mercury is gaining international fame from the Facebook page dedicated to his growth.

Mercury was found just days old and weighing barely over five ounces. The cat was missing both his front legs and all but one toe on his back legs when he was found. His owners believe he was hit by a weed whacker while hiding in tall grass.

The cat was taken to a local vet who cleaned Mercury's wounds. His owners then fed him and cleaned his wounds until they were healed.

Mercury has grown well and nearly six months after his birth the cat is able to walk on his two back legs and balance in an upright position.

Click here for a slideshow of Mercury's life story.

The courageous cat can now run on most surfaces, climb stairs and jump on and off a couch as well as play with other cats and dogs.

Mercury's vet is pleased with his growth and he is developing on track with no problems to his spine or hips.

Mercury's owners started a Facebook page, Raising Mercury, to document his growth. Through this page, Mercury has gained fans from across the world. As of March 9, the page has over 67,000 likes. His life story has been featured on the UK's DailyMail and E!Online.

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