Two deadly accidents in two days cause police to take action.

Two deadly accidents in two days force OCPD to take action.

Thursday a truck hit and killed an elderly woman while she was crossing the street at Southwest 65th and Pennsylvania. Friday morning a head on collision near Lutheran Road and 192nd Street ended with one driver dead. James Partin was killed in the wreck. The driver of the other car went to the hospital. He should be okay.

Neighbors near the crash site say they are surprised by the deadly head-on collision.

"This is a very dangerous hill. People speed over the hill, you can't see whose coming," said Tricia Holcomb.

"Since I've lived here this is like the 5th one I've seen," added Lea Lane.

Lane said she always sees people speeding in the area and it was only a matter of time before a major accident happened.

"You have people just not paying attention like I just need to get where I'm going."

She wants police to take action.

"I think they should follow traffic rules that's what we have them for."

Oklahoma City Police say after Friday's accident they are stepping up patrol in the area. They hope a stronger police presence makes people more aware on the highway.

"Our guys take that very seriously. That type of situation people driving very fast they take it seriously because it leads to situations like this," said Master Sergeant Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police.

Knight said although many consider it a dangerous area not a lot of accidents have been reported.

"A quick check with our 9-1-1 call center showed no accidents in that intersection in the last year."

Still Lane wants changes made.

"Maybe they will slow it down, maybe."