Tulsa teen killed in drive-by shooting on Gilcrease Expressway

Police say April Montano, 14, was shot and killed while riding in a truck in Tulsa.

A teenager is dead after being shot by a passing vehicle in Tulsa and police are working to find the person responsible.14-year-old April Montano was riding in a quad cab truck, pulling a trailer loaded up with ATV's when the crime happened. According to FOX 23 in Tulsa, Montano was riding in the backseat when the shooting happened and bullet hit her in the head. The pickup was in the area of Pine and Peoria before getting on the Gilcrease Expressway. Tulsa police said that a car drove alongside a truck with several people inside and began firing.Police said when they arrived, Montano was in the vehicle on the side of the road. She was rushed to a local hospital where she later died.The suspected car continued driving and is described as a black mid-2000's vehicle. Police are still searching for a suspect and did not release a motive.